Working With Us

Core Policy

The price of overhauled turbocharger system units is based on the assumption that a used unit or “core” will be returned for each unit purchased.

When an exchange unit is shipped from Approved Turbo Components, the core is not charged at the time of the sale unless the turbocharger system unit is being shipped out of the country. There is a value on that core that is due. We give the customer approximately 15 days after purchase to get their unit off the aircraft and replace it with the unit from us. They can then return the “core” in the same packing box we shipped to them.

We accept all cores returned from exchange sales as long as they are in an as removed condition. There are not any after sale chargebacks as long as they are not disassembled, missing parts or purposely reassembled with rejected parts. Unlike cores will not be accepted without previous approval including superseded part numbers. Cores without data tags do not have any value. They can be returned at the customer’s expense or scrapped.

If cores are not returned within the 15 day grace period, they can be billed and an invoice sent out for payment within 30 days. This is to help insure you either return the cores to help us maintain inventory or contact your customer. Unlike cores will not be accepted without previous approval including superseded part numbers.

When a core is charged up front and prepaid, core credit will be immediately and completely refunded upon receipt of core due. Cores charged must be returned within 90 days for full credit. After that, core refunds will be discounted up to 50% again to insure return to inventory.

We appreciate our valued customers and exceptions to core policy can be requested in advance for practical reasons and are at the discretion of the management.

Limited Warranty

Approved Turbo Components, Inc. (ATC) warrants each overhauled turbocharger or turbo system component overhauled by ATC to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for 18 months from date of purchase, regardless of hours.

As an express condition of this warranty, the unit must be installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and in conformity with applicable FAA/EASA regulations and procedures.

Approved Turbo Components obligations under this warranty are limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, any part or parts returned in an as removed condition which examination shall disclose to have been defective. The repair or replacement of defective parts under this warranty will be made by ATC without charge.

This warranty does not cover any unit which has been subject to misuse, neglect, alteration or accident. Normal wear of service items shall not be considered defects under this warranty. This warranty does not cover any defect which is the result of improper installation, improper maintenance or improper modification of the unit or any of its components.