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Approved Turbo Components provides access to expert information regarding installation, maintenance, recalls, and frequently asked questions related to your turbo components. If your questions are not answered here or if you have a comment about anything you see here, please always feel free to call our toll free lines at or contact us through this website. Even if you didn’t purchase the turbocharger component from us, we’re here to help you.

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** New Service Information Letter #A-131
Follow link to this S.I. in its entirety and other factory service information.
Date: June 2, 2008 per Kelly Aerospace Power Systems
Subject: Inspection of KAPS turbocharger P/N 466304-9003 data tags

Download these Malibu Mirage Operating Recommendations for the TIO-540-AE2A Engine in the new Piper Aircraft Malibu Mirage, Textron Lycoming Part Number: SSP400.

NOTE: In accordance with Kelly Aerospace S.B. No. 23 “Turbocharger System Operational Tests” linked here informs TURBOCHARGER SYSTEM OPERATIONAL TESTS MUST BE PERFORMED PRIOR TO RETURN TO SERVICE.

To read all turbocharger factory bulletins, go to Service Bulletins in this website and click on the Hartzell Technologies link (Hartzell Technologies acquired the turbocharger line of Kelly Aerospace Power Systems).

The technical information presented on this website is for use only to aid properly qualified persons in the maintenance of the equipment covered within and in no way whatsoever replaces or changes the appropriate airframe, engine or turbocharger manufacturer’s service publications for the proper procedures on any maintenance performed. All information is furnished solely as a helpful reference and is based on information available to Approved Turbo Components, Inc.