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At Approved Turbo Components, Inc., our exceptional customer service starts with the first point of contact, whether by phone, fax or email. Our name already basically tells our potential customers what we do; overhaul or exchange turbochargers and their components with only FAA Approved Parts. What it doesn’t tell is what our existing customers already know. We have the best customer service commitment that is necessary in this industry! As we say at ATC, “Customer service isn’t just a department. It’s everyone’s job!”

We list the major builders of engines, the leading engine rebuilders and the skilled maintenance facilities as our satisfied customers. We are proud of the reputation we have built and maintained by using only FAA approved quality parts, approved factory supplied overhaul manuals and expert technical service provided by many years of training and experience in this turbocharger industry.

We are the only turbocharger business that clocks, cleans, tests and reinstalls fittings to overhaul systems, wires on your new heat blankets if allowed by application and supplies turbo oil inlet & outlet gaskets, the o-ring installation gasket for the PRV’s and the installation gaskets for the density and variable absolute pressure controllers at no charge with our overhauls or exchanges. We will advise you of flange or wastegate gaskets you may need and we have in stock for your convenience if you wish to purchase. We offer AOG Priority for bench testing and same day service on overhaul at no extra charge depending on parts availability, and a “hassle free” core policy on exchanges, all backed by our 18 months unlimited hours warranty.

Our prices are competitive but our commitment to quality and service is the highest. We truly believe that if our friendly and knowledgeable staff do not make our customers happy and their job just a little easier, then we don’t deserve their business!