Overhaul Process

Overhaul Process Explained

When we receive your unit for overhaul, we issue a work order package specific to the part number of the unit. The work order will specify what work is to be accomplished according to your instructions listed on your PO or document you provide.

The unit is then disassembled, cleaned, and inspected in accordance with the applicable overhaul manual. The serviceable and rejected parts are recorded on the part number specific Overhaul Task Card and that data is used to determine the overhaul cost.
We then will develop a formal quote and contact you via e-mail (preferred) or call with your quote. Once the quote approval is given and payment terms are agreed upon it will be put on the schedule for completion.

Overhaul turnaround time is generally 7-10 days in house, but we can usually offer a 1–3-day turnaround if needed.

Overhaul Cost Explained

MIN OVERHAUL= In accordance with the applicable overhaul manual, the “mandatory replacement” parts are replaced with OEM factory new parts and the labor needed to complete the overhaul.

Parts that need to be replaced beyond what the overhaul manuals deems as “mandatory replacement” will be added to the MIN OVERHAUL cost but will not exceed the MAX OVERHAUL cost.